Terms of Privacy

FIXION is responsable of the management of your personal information and ensures the safety and privacy of any given date provided via www.fixion.co/en/, its online services and any other medium. However, reading of the following terms is suggested for the complete understanding and accordance of  how any personal information is handled

If you have any questions reggarding this policy, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at mail@fixion.co

How do we use your personal data?

Your personal information will be exclusively used for the following ends:

• Provide the services and products required by you;

• Inform about changes or  new products or services that are related with those products or services ordered or acquired by you;

• for the fullfilment of our obligations contracted with you;

• For evaluation of our services’ quality;

• For the development of internal studies regarding our consumers behavior.

• For the improvement development of our products and services;

• For the subscribing to contests, programs or offers under your request;

• To inform about promotions, offers, special events and other relevant customer related news.

The information provided during the registration and/or checkout and/or subscription processes is primarily used for studies about consumer behavior and interests; with the goal of providing better products, services, content and media, all according to our customers needs.

Finally, your information can also be used for billing and taxing processes and to get in contact with you in the case we need to.

What personal data will we obtain and where?

For the ends compromised in this policiy, your personal information can be obtained in different ways: when you personally provide it during an ordering process; when you subscribe to our mailing list.

The data whe obtain whe an order is placed or when you get subscribed to our mailing list are:

• Name

• Gender

• Address

• email

• Phone Number

• Date of birth

• Bank account (in case of refunds)

• Age

You’ll never provide your credit card number to us. You will only provide this information via Paypal or iZettle highly seccure protocols from which we don’t take any part nor we have any sort of agreement for the exchange or handling  of that information and by giving their service, they’re fully responsable for the handling of this information.

The information given at the portal will allow us contact our customers in case there’s need to. Users could be contacted by phone or email in case there’s more additional data needed to complete the order or transaction.

All personal data willingly provided at www.fixion.co/en/ will be handled in compliance with the terms stabished in this policy.


The only ways FIXION can capture your data, is through its website www.fixion.co/en/, while placing an order, by subscribing to the newsletter, through subscribing and adding your information at comic conventions, which follow the same norms described in this policy and as long as such information had been given by the customers own choice.


The personal data provided by the user or customer will be part of a file containing your listing, which may be modified by the owner at any time using the username and password assigned, that can also be modified in the section “Shop/My Account”.

Also, if you enter promotions via email, you may at any time disable this service. To stop receiving promotional emails, you can contact our Personal Data Protection Area via email: mail@fixion.co or, clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” section on the newsletter provided via e-mail that arrived in your inbox.


Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on the hard drive of the computer equipment used to navigate a specific website. In our case, allows the web server to remember certain information about users who access www.fixion.co/en/, as well to track certain behaviors or activities within our website.

Cookies enable users to recognize, detect the bandwidth they have chosen, identify salient information, calculate the size of the audience and measure certain traffic parameters.

Meanwhile, web beacons are embedded in a website or email images that can be used to monitor the behavior of a visitor, such as storing information on your IP address, duration of interaction on that page and type of browser used, among others.

We use cookies and web beacons to collect personal information from you, such as:

• The type of browser and operating system.

• The Internet pages you visit.

• The link from which we visited.

• The IP address.

• The site you visited before coming to ours.

These cookies and other technologies may be disabled because they are active by default in your browser. Follow your browser documentation for guidance with this process.

Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. We use this data to tailor your experience at our site and to display content we think may be of interest to you according to your preferences.


This site contains links to other websites. FIXION not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.


One of the purchase methods is Paypal, one of the most reliable and secure payment solutions on the web. Because of this, FIXION has payment protection against fraud. IMPORTANT: Before entering any personal information credit card, CHECK that a valid Paypal URL is displayed in your browser’s address bar, eg https://www.paypal.com/. PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club.

To prevent unauthorized access, promote data security, and encourage appropriate use of information, we use a variety of tools (encryption technologies, passwords, physical and electronic security, procedural safeguards) to assist in the protection your information. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet, so we can not give a guarantee.


This Statement of Confidentiality / Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of the website FIXION described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between you and FIXION. If the user uses the services of FIXION means he’s read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined above. If you do not agree with them, you should not provide any personal information or use the services of the site FIXION.


If you believe that your right to protection of personal data has been injured by any conduct of our employees or our actions or there is any violation of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, you may place the corresponding complaint, responsibly recognized as true, to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in California, for more information visit www.privacyrights.org