Turbo Defiant 1. The Hidden Destroyers


Turbo Defiant 1. The Hidden Destroyers


Author: Dono Sanchez Almara
Hardcover: 56 pages
Volume: 1 of 3
Color: Full Color
Size: 9×12 in
Printing Process: Offset
ISBN: 978-607-96202-0-2
Website: TurboDefiant.com
Ages: Teens 13+


Product Description

“An intense thrilling ride with strong themes.”
—Samantha-Jayne Burgess – Comiclist Review.

“I can’t tell you enough how on target Turbo Defiant is, you’ll just have to become addicted for yourself. “
—Inkbot TV


A powerful titan from another universe lives trapped inside the most ordinary kid on earth. Together, they ll have to stop a dangerous conspiracy that aims to merge both worlds and wreak havoc on earth.

Dono Sanchez Almara brings us the first part of his dazzling graphic novel about duality, friendship and fortitude. Turbo Defiant is a fun, relevant and spectacular adventure, with an astounding narrative worthy of the dynamic illustrations, that definitely establishes him as one of the most talented upcoming authors today.

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