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Turbo Desafiante

A powerful titan from another universe lives trapped inside the most ordinary kid on earth. Together, they’ll have to stop a dangerous conspiracy that aims to merge both worlds and wreak havoc on earth.

Turbo Defiant is an action adventure graphic novel in the contempary fantasy subgenre that efectively combines various visual and narrative styles, including significant mitological elements from South America’s native cultures. All this gives as a result an unique cosmogony in which, our agitated world, humanity, imagination and dreams, are the central axis around which the story revolves.

Presented in three parts, Dono Sánchez Almara’s debut has its initial platform online, where the project has been published since January 2010 as an interactive graphic novel, that by the way, you should check it out.

In the interest of creating a different way of reading comics online for new generations and with the use of various techniques and tools, the author developedwhat he calls Progressive Sequential Art, which consists in the alteration of the narrative flow and the time-space relation of the sequences by the means of different interactive resources, resulting in an innovativereading experience impossible to achieve in printed format that captures the attention of new and young readers today. This narrative style has contributed enourmosly to the well receivement of the online project and has even been emulated by Marvel Comics since last year, in their line of interactive comics.


With an aesthetic that combines elements from diverse styles within sequential art, Turbo Defiant addresses through Lucas, its main character; destiny, duality and friendship as angular themes, lines around which the author makes a statement about fortitude as a necessary attribute, in order to overcome our own frailty, fear and, regrets.

Read the first 12 pages, PDF download here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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“An intense thrilling ride with strong themes.” —Samantha-Jayne Burgess - Comiclist Review.