FIXION is a publishing house founded by artists, writers and comic enthusiasts, which aims at not only publish their own titles, but also develop and assist other talents to bring their creations to light. This perhaps is a distant goal for now, given the priorities inherent in any takeoff, but it’s definitely an objective that we won’t lose sight of on our publishing future.

Rush and crush! So much to see and read today, isn’t it?

Our world has burst towards an era of constant -and very varied- content, not all noteworthy, but the thing is that all the time there’s something new to spend our time with. This brings to us the risk of losing perspective, and owning a mostly indifferent taste ruled by simple, hollow trends. It is from that picture that we see an opportunity, a space to bring to the public the promise of different, passionate and authentic works of art. Something is missing out there and we want to go in the search for it. We want to tell relevant stories.

Comics are certainly one of the most charismatic forms of visual communication and they’ve expanded towardnew and interesting horizons in recent years. It’s in this global era when proposals, sometimes coming from distant places, find a meeting point with people all around the world, thanks to the immediacy that technology gives us today.

We’re actually not that far and we are really not so different from each other.

Stories. To read, listen, or narrate them, is a practice that humans have excercised for many, many years. It has evolved and we can now experience and enjoy stories through a screen or even get involved in them interactively in video games, but at its core, it’s as intrinsic to our nature as feeding or sleeping.

To experience stories is a genuine human need, through them, we live a little through the emotions and thoughts of someone else, that in the end, isn’t very different from us. Stories not only work as a mere entertainment, they can also be a powerful tool to know us better, understand us, laugh, learn and maybe find a small crack to shed light over the biggest questions we all silently ask as, Who are we? Where do we come from? What is the meaning of all this?…

The great story of us all continues being told and FIXION arrives with the firm intention of being part of it. The road begins and we couldn’t be more pleased of having your company on this journey.

Once upon a time…