What are the payment methods?

Paypal (Credit Cards VISA, MasterCard and American Express).

Is it safe to buy?

Paypal is one of most reliable online payment solutions. Because of this, FIXION has payment protection against fraud. IMPORTANT: Before entering any personal information credit card, CHECK that you are in the Paypal server in the address bar, eg: https://www.paypal.com. Just make sure that a valid Paypal URL is wherever you buy products.

How do you ship and how much they cost?

Shipments are via USPS traditional registered mail. Books and products are shipped well protected and shipping costs vary depending on what you buy. It is noteworthy that for the time being, only Mondays shipments are made.

I made a mistake when typing the address how I can change it?

If you did not create an account, write us. If you did created an account, in the main menu you go to “Shop / My Account” then click at the bottom left in “Edit” right next to where says “Shipping Address” and/or “Billing Address” depending the the case. Once you’ve made ​​the change you click on “Save Address”.

How long does it take to receive my purchase?

From 7 to 15 working days once the shipment has been made.

How can I follow up my order?

We’re currently working on this for you. We’ll update this information in no time.

Can authors sign my books?

They will always be asigned, but we can’t guarantee to include dedications. This happens because the authors themselves, are not alway responsible for the processing of the deliveries. We advise you to bring your copy to the events where the authors will be attending.

Does the book include a sketch from the artist?

Could be, but it can only be guaranteed if specified in the product page. Happens to be the same case as above, the author is not always responsible for processing the orders. We advise you to bring your copy to the events where authors are attending or stay tuned to special offers with this feature included.

What other items can authors sign?

Digital prints, posters, limited editions and original art, among others.

Do the authors make any sketch I ask them?

They’ll be happy to help you with almost any request, but you’ll have better chances of getting a sketch as long as it’s not something too inappropriate as: sex or offensive scenes…that kind of thing.

Can I ask one of the authors to make me a more detailed drawing of any character?

The authors of FIXION are regularly open for commissions. For that you can fill the form suited for commissions here.