Dono Sanchez Almara

Author and creator of Turbo Defiant, his dazzling first graphic novel that definitely establishes him as one the most talented upcoming authors today. Is this work which earned him the 2012 Young Creators Grant, in the Graphic Narrative category, granted by the National Fund for Culture and Arts in Mexico.

He has previously collaborated as graphic novel artist for Capstone Press, Arcana Studios and Image Cómics in the US and Canada, and for newspapers and various publications in Mexico. His work as digital colourist has left his mark in some of Marvel’s most important titles such as: Avenging Spider-man, Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool, Venom, and in several titles of the prestigious publishing company Les Humanoïdes Asociés in France, such as FINAL INCAL by Jodorowsky y Ladrönn.

He’s founder and CEO of Protobunker, an international comic production house and Co-founder and President of FIXION.


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Turbo Defiant – online graphic novel



Raúl Treviño

Author of Tinkers of the Wasteland, second work of his authorship. After a production of three years and more than 340 pages published online, Trevino debuts in FIXION with a very stylish and original post-apocaliptic action-adventure story.

He was awarded first place for the best work in the Internacional Norma Editorial Comic Contest in Spain, leading In 2004 to the release of his first graphic novel, a trilogy in the action-adventure genre entitled La Danza de la Conquista (The Dance of the Conquest), a work that granted him a Nomination for Revelation Author in the 9th Expocomic in Barcelona and new Talent in Fnac, Spain.

From 2001 through 2012 he worked as digital colourist for some of the most significant companies in the industry, such as: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, EA Entertainment and French publishers like Glénat and Les Humanoïdes Associés.

He’s also a founding member of Protobunker and in 2013 together with Dono Sanchez Almara founds FIXION as a publishing house for creator owned books, where he serves as CEO.


Personal Website
Tinkers of the Wasteland