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Welcome to the Other Side

A powerful titan from another universe lives trapped inside the most ordinary ...

Road the Wasteland

 “In a post-apocalyptic world, three adventurous -and a little crazy- boys discover ...


“Tinkers of Wasteland is like Mad Max and The Goonies jumping around inside your brain and causing nothing but trouble. I love it!”

–Skottie Young, two-time Eisner Award winner.

“If you have internet and you haven’t read Tinkers of the Wasteland, you’re wasting your network; go off-line!”

–Humberto Ramos,
penciller of Spider-Man.

“An intense thrilling ride with strong themes.”

 —Samantha-Jayne Burgess, Comiclist Review.


“A very unique concept, this comic is a blast to read!”

 —Antione Strife, I am Legend.

“Turbo Defiant sucks you in and never lets go.”

Digital Strips Podcast.

“I can’t tell you enough how on target Turbo Defiant is, you’ll just have to become addicted for yourself. “

Inkbot TV .